Catarratto IGP Terre Siciliane

Countless vine bushes of this ancient grape dress the hills of the hinterland of Castellammare del Golfo. Dry and outspoken peasant life fellow, it calms the thirst while teasing the senses, as the air and ground mitigate the summer heat.

Grape varieties
Catarratto 95% and Inzolia 5%


12,5% vol.

In the “contrada” Costa di Bisaccia, on a hill of dolomitic origin with a good amount of sand from the weathering of calcareous tufa. A vineyard of 1.40 hectares with Guyot training (6,000 vines per hectare), exposed north-west at about 350 meters of altitude.

Traditional, in steel containers. Bottling in June after a simple cold stabilization.

Service and pairing
It should be served at about 10°C. The spontaneous freshness, flavor, mineral and floral qualities, the feelings of white flowers, fruity notes and hints of herbs make it a very pleasant and casual white in combinations.

Sulphites analyses

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