Ca’ Lustra Zanovello: our company and our wine cellar

Ca’ Lustra Zanovello is a winery located in the heart of Euganean Hills, dedicated to producing organic and natural wines. This name holds also a history made of family, passion for the Euganean Hills and for the art of viticulture. Ca’ Lustra is a journey, to be told and to be lived.

Our story began more than 50 years ago, with the first steps taken by Angelo Zanovello. In the mid-1960s Angelo, an engineer and son of farmers, bought the Faedo farm located on the southern slopes of the highest of the Euganean Hills, Mount Venda. Thus, the farm straddling the beginning of the Faedo valley, became a “green refuge” for family weekends.

Angelo’s son, Franco, discovered and nurtured his passion for viticulture since a very young age. Following this vocation, he soon decided to start a project with a precise vision: in 1977 he founded the viticulture company with the name of Ca’ Lustra, with the dream of seeing the dark cellar of his house turn into a solid and established wine cellar.

Today, our family business extends over 42 hectares, 25 of which are vineyards and the rest are olive groves, woods and pastures, managed with passion by Franco’s children, Marco and Linda. The two of them, together with motivated and trusted collaborators, carry out the ancient craft of winemaking according to the same principles and ethics of their father.

In our company, we act according to the principles of sustainability, characterized by traditional winemaking with spontaneous fermentation, without any clarification and with minimal use of sulfites. In this way, we honor and celebrate the diversity of the Euganean Hills, such as the alternation of rich volcanic soils with arid marine sediments: a variability that we administer with patience, experience and deep respect, vineyard after vineyard, with the dual purpose of protecting natural biodiversity and promote the specific “cru“. For this reason we are part of Vinnatur, an association that aims at promoting the production of natural and healthy wines, while also being dedicated to experimentation and winemaking studies.

Since 2008 we cultivate organically, a natural choice consistent with our farm development in concert with our values. A choice with tangible results on the quality and enhanced taste of our wines. Our goal is to produce organic, natural, healthy and authentic wines, while simultaneously preserving a territory part of a protected Natural Park area, today also designated as a Biodistrict.

Ca’ Lustra Zanovello is this and more. For us it is a pleasure to welcome visitors coming to our winery, but even more so is to communicate them the love we have for our land, rich in traditions and culture. For this reason we are also an Educational Farm, offering to students and passionate people two didactic trails across the winery and the vineyards, offering the chance to learn about Euganean viticulture and enology.

We are also an InfoPoint, a reference point for tourists who are looking for information about the land and places of interest among the valleys of the Euganean Hills.

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