Venda Amphitheater

In 2013 we set up a natural theatre amid our highest and scenic vineyards, bordering the forest of Mount Venda.

Natural because the place was already shaped as a theatre, being the bed of an old landslide; and natural because it is overwhelmingly surrounded by nature’s views and sounds. The landscape spaces from the near Mount Rua abbey to the Venice Lagoon eastwards, to the far tuscan Appennines south-west.

We had multiple aims: we wanted to create a place where to propose environmental teaching, and to attract people from the near cities and regions to discover the beauties of the Natural Park, entertaining them with interesting events.

The equipment is simple: people sit on the grass in front of the wooden stage, there is a log-cabin where you can find some food and beverage, and basic toilets.

Events Plan

The entire program is published on a dedicate website:

You can find the freshest news on the Facebook page:

Anfiteatro del Venda

How to reach the Amphiteater

The theatre is located in Via Sottovenda, between Galzignano Terme and Cinto Euganeo.
To reach the theatre from Galzignano Terme, follow the signs for Cinto Euganeo. You’ll go up hill trough Via Cengolina.
Once you arrive at the pass, turn right in Via Roccolo and follow the signs for “Casa Marina”.
Continue straight on Via Roccolo for about 1 kilometer, than turn left in Via Sottovenda, still following the signs for Casa Marina (Casa Marina is the main hostel of Parco Colli Euganei, suitable if you want to spend the night very close to the theatre – dorms only).
Keep going on Via Sottovenda and you will easily spot Casa Marina on your left. The theatre entrance is a two hundred meters after the hostel, 5 minutes by feet, you can park along the way. Otherwise, you can reach a little parking area located at the end of the road.

Please pay attention to the fact that once you pass Casa Marina the road becomes one way only, and if you need to go back you’re forced to make a detour through via Pedevenda → via San Pietro → via Sottovenda again.