Zanovello Selections

‘A Cengia – Moscato Secco Veneto IGT

Typology: Organic white wines

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An unexpected surprise with every sip: a vast mosaic of aromas, history, research and ancient terracing.

‘A Cengia Moscato Secco Veneto IGT is the most curious of the white wines of the Zanovello Selections, thanks to its distinct aromaticity. The nose opens to the floral bouquet of white and yellow flowers, evolving into hints of ripe white-fleshed fruit and aromatic herbs, recalling the notes of a sweet Muscat, but revealing its dry nature with a perfect balance of acid and savoury on the palate.


  • 2019
    Gambero Rosso: A Cengia 2016 - 2 glasses
  • 2019
    Touring Club: A Cengia 2016 - 4 stars
  • 2018
    Bioweinpreis: A Cengia 2016 - Golden Medal, 94 points
  • 2018
    Gambero Rosso: A Cengia 2015 - 2 glasses
  • 2018
    I Vini di Veronelli: A Cengia 2015 - 87 points
  • 2018
    Vitae, AIS: A Cengia 2014 - 3 vines
  • 2017
    Touring Editore: A Cengia 2014 - 3 stars
  • 2017
    Gambero Rosso: A Cengia 2014 - 2 glasses
  • 2017
    I Vini di Veronelli: A Cengia 2014 - 2 stars, 89 points
  • 2017
    Best Gourmet: A Cengia 2013 - Venetian whites to remember
  • 2016
    I Vini di Veronelli: A Cengia 2013 - 2 stars, 88 points
  • 2016
    Touring Editore: A Cengia 2013 - 2 stars
  • 2016
    Gambero Rosso: A Cengia 2013 - 2 glasses


  • Grape varieties Moscato Bianco
  • Alcohol % vol 11.5

Technical Data

  • Total acidity 5.4 g/l
  • Sugar 2 g/l
  • pH 3.43
  • Total sulfites 13 mg/l

Vintage notes

Memorable for its balance and complexity, 2019 gave us wines that were excellent right from the start and capable of surprising evolution.

Production batch



  • Amount 7812
  • Bottle colour
  • Capacity 0,75 l
  • Typology Burgundy bottle
  • Recycling indications

Sensorial analysis

Our ‘A Cengia is a dry and crisp Moscato Bianco that evolves with time, revealing an attractive and original aromatic complexity. It expresses intense notes of ripe fruit and white and yellow flowers. Balsamic notes and aromatic herbs emerge in the evolutionary phase. Excellent structure with balance between freshness and minerality, very persistent.

History of Moscato Secco ‘A Cengia

Records of Moscato Bianco cultivation in Veneto date back to the 13th century.
In the 1980s, Franco Zanovello, a passionate innovator, was among the first to experiment with a dry version with the aim of producing a wine that was complex and long-lived. We still experiment a great deal with this wine today, striving to obtain an increasingly curious and elegant product, capable of combining the aromatic dowry with a mineral and fresh sip.

It is on the higher slopes of the Euganean Hills and on the terraces (cengie) carved out by farmers over centuries of hard work that we cultivate our Moscato Bianco with care and professionalism. The excellent sun exposure and the mineral richness of the soils allow us to obtain a white wine characterised by the dynamism of unmistakable aromas and an intense flavour.


The solid mineral structure of our Moscato Secco 'A Cengia allows for challenging pairings: it is ideal with salmon, eggs and asparagus, first courses with wild herbs, as well as meat or fish tartare. Serve at around 12-14°C.


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