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Authentic red wines and white wines, characterized by an intriguing complexity to be discovered with every sip.

Organic wines

With kindness we take care of our vineyards, to obtain healthy grapes and long-lived wines.


Our wines are organic wines with an authentic and sincere flavour. They reflect the great richness of microclimated and soils of the Euganean Hills, charachteristic which allow us to produce versatile grapes with character.

Ca' Lustra grows on the southern slopes of Monte Venda, the highest of the Euganean Hills, where the Faedo valley begins and opens up: one of the most intact in the protected area of the Euganean Hills Regional Park. We have been cultivating our vines for over 45 years and taking care of their grapes.

We act with prudence and respect for nature and those who have gone before us. Our philosophy pushes us to maintain and restore the ancient terracing, paying attention to minimally invasive viticulture.

We have chosen organic and natural cultivation, which allows us to produce Ca' Lustra Wines, straightforward and recognizable whites and reds such as the Rosso Colli Euganei DOC, and the wines of the Zanovello Selections, intriguing and complex like our 'A Cengia, a Moscato Secco Veneto IGT.

The focus on the sustainable production of all our wines begins with growing the grapes in the best place and with the most suitable method, and results in decisive and nuanced organic wines, such as our Sassonero Merlot Colli Euganei DOC and Girapoggio Cabernet Colli Euganei DOC, full-bodied and long-lived red wines.
The Euganean Hills are a land with a vocation for Muscat wines. We produce sweet wines with enveloping notes such as Fior d'Arancio DOCG Colli Euganei in sweet sparkling or passito versions.