The process of production

Time, intuition, dedication: each stage of our work requires the utmost attention, in order to produce a respectful organic wine towards those who will enjoy it, the environment, our past and dreams.

Organic wine processing: the steps

'It's the little things that make the difference'. Not only grapes, vintage, terroir, but also choices, people, small actions that make the difference in the production of our wine.

The work in the vineyard

The awakening of the vine

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Everything starts in the vineyard: to make a good wine you need healthy grapes and to keep them healthy it is essential to work the land with care and respect. Each plant is an individual with its own needs, closely linked to the terroir in which it grows: we support it with the aim of enhancing its value the most. This is our journey and starts at the end of the winter to the beginning of spring.

The work in the cellar

The arrival of the grapes in the cellar

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When the grapes arrive at the winery, they are usually destemmed, i.e. the stems are separated from the berries and the latter undergo an initial gentle pressing. This is followed by vinification, the process by which the must becomes wine.
It is not easy to briefly describe our work: we have always liked to experiment and we do not have a unique working method for our grapes.