Zanovello Selections

Roverello - Bianco Veneto IGT

Typology: Organic white wines

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An elegant, full and deep wine. Beguiling in its young years, it is enriched with balsamic notes with age.

The Roverello Bianco Veneto IGT is one of the most elegant and sought-after wines from the Zanovello Selections. We have enriched the Chardonnay with a selection of our best grapes, obtaining a richer and more balanced white wine.

Our Bianco Roverello wine grows on lean soils. Here the rhyolitic rock, under the tenacity of the oak tree roots, disintegrates into sand, crushed stone and clay.


  • 2022
    Gambero Rosso: Roverello 2017 - 2 glasses
  • 2022
    Vitae, AIS: Roverello 2017 - 3 vines
  • 2021
    Gambero Rosso: Roverello 2016 - 1 glass
  • 2016
    Vitae, AIS: Roverello 2013 - 2 vines
  • 2014
    Gambero Rosso: Roverello 2011 - 2 glasses
  • 2014
    L'Espresso: Roverello 2009 - 3 bottles
  • 2013
    I Vini di Veronelli: Roverello 2009 - 2 stars


  • Grape varieties Manzoni Bianco, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Moscato
  • Alcohol % vol 12.5

Technical Data

  • Total acidity 4.8 g/l
  • Sugar 2 g/l
  • pH N/A
  • Total sulfites 30 mg/l

Vintage notes

Fortunate and abundant, 2018 yielded forthright and balanced wines that were immediately easy to understand.

Production batch



  • Amount 3932
  • Bottle colour
  • Capacity 0,75 l
  • Typology Burgundy bottle
  • Recycling indications

Sensorial analysis

Our Roverello is a white wine that elegantly combines the warm and exotic aromas of Chardonnay with the minerality and citrus notes of Manzoni Bianco. A hint of Moscato enriches the bouquet.

The history of our Roverello

The origins of Chardonnay are unclear: it probably originated in the Middle East, thanks to a spontaneous cross between Pinot Noir and Gouais Blanc (of Slavic origin). Spread throughout the world, it is one of the most versatile varieties. When harvested early, it retains a good acidity that makes it suitable for sparkling wine; aged in new barrels, on the other hand, it tends to bring out the butter and tropical fruit hints that characterise it.

We grow Chardonnay in the Roverello area, right above the winery. To give it an extra touch of freshness and personality, we added small percentages of Manzoni Bianco and Moscato.


A glass of Roverello is ideal with freshwater fish, mushroom risotto and egg pasta. It is not afraid to be paired in recipes with truffles or artichokes. We recommend serving at around 12-14°C.


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