Zanovello Selections

Moro Polo - Rosso Colli Euganei DOC

Typology: Organic red wines

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Each glass is a taste of history, legends, traditions, places and people, characterised by fruit, balance and integrity.

Moro Polo Rosso Colli Euganei DOC is a red wine from the Zanovello Selections created from a blend of Merlot and Cabernet grapes.

Moro Polo is a surprising and pleasant companion at the table: full-bodied and fresh at the same time, enveloping and persistent on the palate.

The proud and forthright character of our wine honours “Moro Polo”, a forester who guarded the vast slopes of Monte Venda during the last century.


  • 2023
    I Vini di Veronelli: Moro Polo 2019 - 2 stars
  • 2023
    Vitae, AIS: Moro Polo 2019 - 3 Vines
  • 2023
    Gambero Rosso: Moro Polo 2019 - 2 glasses
  • 2022
    Gambero Rosso: Moro Polo 2017 - 2 glasses
  • 2022
    Vitae, AIS: Moro Polo 2017 - 3 Vines
  • 2021
    Biodivino Città del Vino: Moro Polo 2016 - Golden Medal
  • 2021
    Gambero Rosso: Moro Polo 2016 - 2 glasses*
  • 2021
    Vitae, AIS: Moro Polo 2016 - 3 Vines
  • 2020
    BereBene Gambero Rosso: Moro Polo 2015 - Best Quality/Price
  • 2020
    Gambero Rosso: Moro Polo 2015 - 2 glasses
  • 2020
    Vitae, AIS: Moro Polo 2015 - 3 vines
  • 2019
    BioWeinPreis: Moro Polo 2015 - Silver Medal
  • 2018
    Gambero Rosso: Moro Polo 2014 - 2 red glasses*
  • 2018
    BereBene Gambero Rosso: Moro Polo 2014 - Best Quality/Price
  • 2018
    Vitae, AIS: Moro Polo 2014 - 3 Vines
  • 2018
    I Vini di Veronelli: Moro Polo 2014 - 89 Points


  • Grape varieties Merlot, Cabernet
  • Alcohol % vol 13.5

Technical Data

  • Total acidity 5.5 g/l
  • Sugar 2 g/l
  • pH N/A
  • Total sulfites 31 mg/l

Vintage notes

The year 2021 gave us balanced weather, a good grape load, a few surprises in the harvest and some good surprises.

Production batch



  • Amount 11865
  • Bottle colour
  • Capacity 0,75 l
  • Typology Bordeaux bottle
  • Recycling indications

Sensorial analysis

The red wine Moro Polo has intense ruby red colour, has hints of small red fruits, enveloping sensations of spices and balsamic herbs. It is characterised by a good freshness and surprises with a very clean drinking experience and a persistent end.

History of the Moro Polo and the Bordeaux blend

The journey of Merlot and Cabernet began in the Gironde in France and reached Italy in the second half of the 1800s. The round, ripe fruit of Merlot accompanied by the herbaceous notes and more pronounced tannic texture of Cabernet create the renowned "Bordolese blend".

Every name, every label has a meaning for us. For this Bordeaux wine, we decided to make a special dedication to Antonio Lionello, also known as "Moro Polo". A character closely linked to the land and values of the Euganean Hills, a sworn country guard with an upright and proud soul, capable of cultivating deep friendship and solemn commitment in the community. Moro Polo was chosen as a trusted forester by Count Giusti del Giardino, at the time the owner of vast plots of land on Venda, land that we partly look after today.


Moro Polo Rosso Colli Euganei DOC is perfect served at the table in combination with strong flavours such as red meat, a wild boar stew or pappardelle with a court ragout, and mature cheeses such as malga cheese. Serve at 18°C.


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