W1 Vermouth

White Vermouth – W1

W1 Vermouth is a flavoured fortified white wine whose strengths lie in the freshness and complexity of its aromas. W1 belongs to the family of sweet Vermouths, in which the fusion of fragrant notes of herbs and spices is combined with the characteristic flavour of Artemisia, which is recognisable but not overpowering. Our Vermouth’s distinct, spicy note complements its characteristic natural sweetness.
How was our Vermouth born? All thanks to the encounter between Ca’ Lustra and Nerogalia, a winemaker and a naysayer. The result? The W1, a Vermouth symbolising a shared vision and a path of fun and discovery.

16,5 % vol

History of W1 Vermouth
W1 Vermouth is the result of a bet between two friends who love the unpredictable and discovery: Ca’ Lustra and Nerogalia, driven by curiosity, questioned their own tastes to create something different and uncompromising.
The name “W1” pays tribute to its botanical origin, the Wermut, or Artemisia Maggiore, the drink’s key ingredient. The careful selection of raw materials, love for the territory, respect for sustainability, experience and care for craftsmanship are the protagonists that have accompanied us on this exciting adventure.

Vermouth pairings
W1 Vermouth is an idea that was born precisely because of its potential versatility: ideal as an aperitif, it can be enjoyed straight, as purists prefer, or become the basis for mixing, to create interesting cocktails with Vermouth, reinventing the great classics of the Italian tradition such as Negroni and Americano, or the international tradition such as Dry Martini or Sweet Martini.

2021 World Vermouth Award – Bronze Medal

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