Petit Verdot – Frappato – IGP Terre Siciliane

Petit Verdot – Frappato – IGP Terre Siciliane

Petit Verdot finds an ideal location on the limestone soils of the Sicilian hinterland, where the hills are mitigated in summer by the Mistral wind. The heat, the saltiness and the excellent position give this wine notes of iodine, ripe red fruits and spices. The sip is full and savoury, the tannin lively.

Grape varieties
Petit Verdot, Frappato


13,5% vol

Pairings with our Petit Verdot
Due to its structure, our Petit Verdot calls for food of equal thickness such as pan-fried roast, meat rolls or aubergine parmigiana. Serve at 18°C.

The history of Petit Verdot
Petit Verdot is a grape variety originating in the Bordeaux area of France. Often used in blends with Merlot and Cabernet, it is also widespread in California and central and southern Italy. It is especially appreciated for its intense colours and spicy notes, supported by excellent quality tannin. It is a very demanding variety in terms of terroir, but its late ripening enables it to withstand hot climates with torrid summers and limited rainfall well. This is why we have tried to produce it in Sicily.

2019 BioWeinPreis: Frappato – Petit Verdot 2017 – Silver Medal
2018 BioWeinPreis: Frappato – Petit Verdot 2016 – Golden Medal
2017 BioWeinPreis: Frappato – Petit Verdot 2015 – Golden Medal

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