Sottovenda – IGT Veneto Manzoni Bianco

Sottovenda – IGT Veneto Manzoni Bianco

Among the white wines of the Zanovello selections, the IGT Veneto Manzoni Bianco Sottovenda is one of the most striking in terms of flavour, complexity on the palate and persistence. A white wine to be tasted even over the years to grasp the interesting evolution of the typical hydrocarbon hints.
The IGT Veneto Manzoni Bianco Sottovenda lives on well-drained soils mixed with marl and rhyolitic breccia. The Manzoni Bianco grape gives us an expressive, full-bodied wine characterised by a lively colour that on the nose expresses intense hints of citrus and crisp white flesh fruit with mineral notes. The sip is full and persistent with an excellent acid – sapid balance.

Grape varieties
Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13 100%


13,5% vol

Pairings with our Manzoni Bianco
Our Sottovenda is a Manzoni Bianco that impresses with its structure and intensity. Ideal with baked turbot and potatoes, crudités and stuffed pastas. Also perfect with a selection of medium-aged cheeses. We recommend serving at around 12-14°C.

History of Manzoni Bianco
Manzoni Bianco was born in the 1930s in the Oenological School of Conegliano, a point of reference for modern oenology thanks to prominent figures such as the teacher and later headmaster Luigi Manzoni. He studied vine diseases and genetics for years with the aim of obtaining varieties that were better in terms of quality and more resistant to disease than those cultivated until then. From 1924 to 1935 he experimented with hundreds of hybridisations between grape varieties, first using table grapes, then wine grapes. Some crosses were very successful, among them the Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13 (Riesling Renano X Pinot Bianco), which we have been cultivating on the slopes of Monte Venda since the 1980s thanks to Franco Zanovello’s desire to experiment. From these deep soils rich in organic substance, characterised by a good temperature range and exposure, we produce a wine of great pleasantness and longevity.

2022 Gambero Rosso: Sottovenda 2018 – 2 glasses
2022 Vitae, AIS: Sottovenda 2018 – 3 vines
2019 BioWeinPreis: Pedevenda 2017 – Golden Medal, 92 points
2019 Touring Club: Pedevenda 2016 – 4 stars
2018 Vitae, AIS: Pedevenda 2015 – 3 vines
2018 I Vini di Veronelli: Pedevenda 2015 – 88 points
2017 I Vini di Veronelli: Pedevenda 2014 – 3 stars, 90 points
2016 Gambero Rosso: Pedevenda 2013 – 2 glasses
2016 I Vini di Veronelli: Pedevenda 2013 – 2 red stars, 88 points
2016 Touring Editore: Pedevenda 2013 – 3 stars
2015 I Vini di Veronelli: Pedevenda 2012 – 2 stars, 87 points
2015 Gambero Rosso: Pedevenda 2012 – 2 glasses
2015 Vitae, AIS: Pedevenda 2012 – 3 vines
2014 I Vini di Veronelli: Pedevenda 2011 – 2 red stars
2013 I Vini di Veronelli: Pedevenda 2010 – 2 stars, 86 points
2013 Gambero Rosso: Pedevenda 2010 – 2 glasses
2013 L’Espresso: Pedevenda 2010 – 3 bottles
2013 Touring Editore: Pedevenda 2010 – 3 stars

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