Girapoggio – DOC Colli Euganei Cabernet

Girapoggio – DOC Colli Euganei Cabernet

The DOC Colli Euganei Cabernet – Girapoggio is a wine with a full and persistent flavour that is almost inscrutable at first taste.
The light and lean position, the limestone and difficult soil and the steep slopes are decisive elements in obtaining extremely concentrated grapes rich in polyphenols. To accommodate the natural conformation of the terrain, we have planted our Cabernet vines “girapoggio”, i.e. orthogonally to the line of maximum slope. The result is an unforgettable, long-lived red wine that combines the herbaceous and spicy hints typical of the variety with warm, fruity notes.

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14% vol

Pairings with Cabernet DOC Ca’ Lustra Zanovello
Our Girapoggio maintains herbaceous and spicy notes that are balanced with hints of fruit. An ideal balance for pairing with spiced pork chops, stews, duck in “pevarada” sauce and mature cheese. We recommend uncorking the wine a few hours earlier and serving at around 18°C.

History of an ancient vine: Cabernet
Cabernet Sauvignon is an international grape variety originating in the Bordeaux area of France. A wine of remarkable longevity, its structure and elegance make it one of the most popular varieties in the world.
Genetic studies have confirmed the origin of Cabernet Sauvignon from a cross between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. While maintaining its typical herbaceous and spicy notes recognisable, Cabernet is also able to best manifest the characteristics of its terroir. The richness of the Euganean soil, due to the combination of volcanic rock and limestone scales, gives our Girapoggio a solid body with mineral, tobacco and leather notes.

2021 Gambero Rosso: Girapoggio 2016 – 2 Red Glasses*
2020 Gambero Rosso: Girapoggio 2015 – 2 Red Glasses*
2020 Vitae, AIS: Girapoggio 2015 – 3 Vines
2019 Gambero Rosso: Girapoggio 2013 – 2 Glasses
2018 Vinetia (AIS): Girapoggio 2012 – 3 Rosoni
2018 Gambero Rosso: Girapoggio 2012 – 2 Red Glasses
2018 I Vini di Veronelli: Girapoggio 2012 – 89 points
2017 “Premio Speciale BioDiVino”: Girapoggio 2012 – Golden Medal
2017 Gambero Rosso: Girapoggio 2009 – 2 Red Glasses
2017 I Vini di Veronelli: Girapoggio 2009 – 3 red stars, 91 points
2017 L’Espresso: Girapoggio 2009 – 100 Italian wines ready to drink
2017 Selezione del Sindaco: Girapoggio 2012 – Golden Medal
2017 I Vini di Veronelli: Girapoggio 2009 – 3 Red stars
2015 Vitae, La guida vini AIS: Girapoggio 2008 – 3 Vines
2013 Bibenda, AIS: Girapoggio 2008 – 4 grapes
2013 Gambero Rosso: Girapoggio 2008 – 2 Red Glasses
2012 Emozioni dal Mondo: Girapoggio 2007 – Golden medal
2009 Gambero Rosso: Girapoggio 2005 – 3 Glasses

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