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Reitia - Moscato Veneto IGT

Typology: Organic white wines, Organic sweet wines

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A glass that speaks of balance, research and care to achieve a broad, versatile and simply good product.

Our Reitia Moscato Veneto IGT is a structured yet easy-drinking dessert white wine. Among sweet and sparkling wines, it is characterised by its enveloping, sweet notes and aromatic, persistent hints. The bright golden colour anticipates the olfactory notes of honey, eucalyptus, sweet spices and candied exotic fruit. The palate is striking for its complexity, freshness and elegance.


  • 2022
    Vitae, AIS: Moscato Reitia - 3 vines
  • 2021
    Touring, Vinibuoni dItalia: Moscato Reitia - 4 stars
  • 2021
    Gambero Rosso: Moscato Reitia - 2 glasses
  • 2018
    Gambero Rosso: Moscato Reitia - 2 glasses
  • 2013
    I Vini di Veronelli: Moscato Reitia 2008 - 3 stars


  • Grape varieties Sauvignon and Moscato
  • Alcohol % vol 11.5

Technical Data

  • Total acidity N/A
  • Sugar N/A
  • pH N/A
  • Total sulfites 60 mg/l

Vintage notes

Moscato Reitia is a combination of several vintages with the aim of finding a balance between fragrance, freshness and sweetness.

Production batch



  • Amount 3636
  • Bottle colour
  • Capacity 0,5 l
  • Typology Burgundy bottle 0,5 l
  • Recycling indications

Sensorial analysis

Our Moscato Reitia is an aromatic wine, sweet but not sickly, complex but not demanding. In the nose scents of notes of honey, withered white and yellow flowers, candied citrus fruit and overripe fruit and sweet spices. The palate is nectary and never heavy, very persistent.

The history of Moscato Reitia

Our Moscato Reitia is the sweet wine that goes well with almost all desserts. Its pleasant versatility is due to the harmony we have sought between the structure and freshness of the White Muscat and the great aromaticity of the Yellow Muscat. The bouquet ranges from sweet floral notes to fruity white flesh and aromatic herbs. After savouring the sweetness, an excellent acid-flavour balance remains.


Our Moscato Reitia is the sweet wine to always have on hand for a tart, homemade cake or small pastry. Its softness and freshness make it also suitable to accompany mature cheeses. We recommend serving at around 14-16°C.


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