Sgussa – IGT Veneto Cabernet

Sgussa – IGT Veneto Cabernet

The IGT Veneto Cabernet Sgussa is a wine with a strong varietal character. The nose is striking for its herbaceous and spicy notes, the palate is full and persistent.
The lean, deep soils of volcanic and sedimentary origin make the presence of tannin unobtrusive. Thanks to its freshness, it is an excellent red wine from a young age, which can also be discovered with pleasure after a spell in the bottle.

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13% vol

Pairings with our Cabernet Sgussa
Our Cabernet Sgussa is a juicy red wine with herbaceous notes. Due to its rustic nature that recalls the tradition of the Veneto region, it pairs perfectly with mature cheeses and stews, both wild boar and venison.
We recommend serving between 16 and 18°C.

History of our Cabernet Sgussa
Cabernet is a versatile variety cultivated almost all over the world. On volcanic, deep and fertile soils it has good vigour and gives wines with good structure. Short ageing refines its character.
The name ‘Sgussa’, which means ‘peel’ in dialect, is also the name of the restaurant that overlooks our Cabernet vineyard.

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