Boschetto Estate

The Boschetto Estate takes its name from the cluster of trees and fruit plants that surround the meagre vineyards. A bucolic landscape, an uncomfortable land that repays the labours of those who work it with ripe, thirst-quenching fruit.

Weather Station

ARPAV - Faedo di Cinto Euganeo
Minimum relative humidity
Precipitation (sum)

Boschetto Estate is criss-crossed by a vein of grey marl, one of the most difficult soils to work: hard and stingy in hot years, exuberant in cool, wet years. If it rains a lot, it is difficult even to walk on, if it is too dry, we must be careful to close the cracks that form on the surface without breaking the delicate biological balance that allows the little organic substance present to be maintained.

While it is true that on the surface, in contact with light and wind, Euganean marl crumbles, deep down it remains a very hard rock. The roots take decades to work their way up, the plants grow slowly, but the richness in limestone gives the wines concentration and flavour.

Among the varieties we cultivate, the ones that are best suited to growing on these soils, without agronomic forcing, are the aromatic ones (Moscato and Fior d'Arancio) and Garganega. We are located between 200 and 240 m above sea level.