Dicember 8th-9th-10th, 2017 – Open Cellars on Christmas

December 8th-9th-10th, 2017
From 10am till 7pm

Three days dedicated to Christmas period: unexpected surprises and dusted off bottles.

Christmas holidays are coming in just a few weeks and we are glad to invite you for “Open Cellars on Christmas”, in cooperation with Movimento Turismo del Vino, during the feast of the Immaculate conception weekend. This year, as many of you just know, has been a crucial year for us, bringing a living and working goal: Ca’ Lustra celebrating 40 years of activity.

So here we go with a three days of proposals: by 8th till 10th December three days of parties, oil tastings, vintage wines and fresh ones, gifts to make. But let’s proced in order.

An established partnership with Osteria Volante, which is going to find out culinary specialities and strike our fancy. A heated reserved area is dedicated to them on the courtyard of the winery.
Here some of their proposals:
Bean dip with croutons
Native cheese
Croutons with bacon and/or raclette
…and some more little surprises

As told, this year we celebrate ten years of Sassonero and Girapoggio 2007, but what we didn’t said yet is that by the 8th December the few jeaolusly guarded magnums of Vittoria Aganoor 2008 will be available to the public. And for the most curious and foreseeing: Natìo vertical.

The cooper area, heated for the occasion, will be dedicated to connoisseurs and fans. 9 guided tastings are taking place for this edition of Open Cellar on Christmas. Little numbers and high rate will let stands be more intimate and speech with the winemaker possible.

At 11am, 3pm and 5pm of each of the three days (except of 5pm on Saturday), we are offering the same guided tasting: Sassonero vertical, Natìo vertical, Girapoggio 2007 and Vittoria Aganoor 2008.

The tasting lasts 1 hour and half. The price is 10€ per person. Available places are limited, reservation is mandatory. Guests will receive a special 5% discount for purchasing our historical vintage wines.

The tasting at 5pm on Saturday will be peculiar. Cheese expert Enrico Panzarasa is guiding us matching wine and special cheese. Several kinds and maturations are going with vintage wines and Natìo preview, our most important wine.
Reservation is mandatory, price is 15€ per person.

Our shop is opening full-time by 10am till 7pm, as usual we are going to offer tastings of our products and we are proposing special discounts for purchasing current vintages: 10% on 6 mixed bottles boxes and 15% on one wine full boxes.
Long awaited Serprino and Euganean and Sicilian extra-virgin oil are ready. You will find some vintages changing up and most of all some old things coming back…

In fact, will be available:
Sassonero Vertical (6 vintages: 2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012)
Natìo Vertical (6 vintages: 2005-2006-2007-2009-2013-2015)
Girapoggio 2007 (0,75l bt.)
Magnum of Sassonero 2007
Magnum of Vittoria Aganoor 2008

Sunday 10th December from 2:30 am to 4:30 pm
Special guest by us Mr Giuseppe Rossetto, owner of GustoTop, who will lead you to the discovery of cocoa and chocolate world. As great chocolate handmaker and producer he is bringing:
Mono-origin dark chocolate Uganda 78%
Grand Cru dark chocolate Abinao 85%
Grand Cru dark chocolate Caraibe 66%.
In addition to this, other deliciousness and spreadable creams.

Our Choco&Wine is coming back, made by Mr Rossetto in collaboration with Mr Giuseppe Trisciuzzi with our Sassonero wine.

For a complete experience you can taste these chocolates combined with our two red passito winesMarzemino and Black Muscat.
The products for tasting will be purchasable.
During this long weekend we will propose the Cru chocolate tasting combined with our passitos even when Mr Giuseppe Rossetto will not be here.

There is no entry ticket, only guided tasting and Osteria Volante dishes need payment.
More infos coming soon.

For infos and reservation: