Wine tasting at Enoteca Mediterranea


19 May 2023 from 7 pm

Ca' Lustra Zanovello wines and Author's Proofs special guests at Enoteca Mediterranea.

A space dedicated to culture, food and wine, experimentation, authenticity.

The harmony of thoughts between Ca' Lustra and Enoteca Mediterranea of Padua gave birth to this evening: the desire to experiment, to spread culture and traditions and the belief in organic products are values uniting the two realities.

Friday 19 May we will be guests of Enoteca Mediterranea and we will be glad to propose you a selection of our wines. You can taste our products and choose a glass of your favourite one. Enoteca Mediterranea will prepare some food proposals to enrich the wine tasting.

Please contact Enoteca Mediterranea for further information: 049 9817482