Bag in box: a sustainable choice?

Organic and surroundings

A series of considerations led us to start an ambicious and unconventional project: preparing bag in box wines with more structure than usual.

Bag in box are food-grade containers consisting of a bag with a tap protected by a cardboard box, allowing wine to be stored without the need for home bottling. The tap enables the wine to be poured without letting air in.

Why choose bag in box? We are happy to share our thoughts with you.

Bottling is a stressful phase for wine, which then requires several months to settle. It also involves the use of various materials and energy consumption: think of the production and transport of glass, corks, capsules, labels... Ultimately, six bottles of wine have a greater environmental impact compared to 5 liters of the same wine in a bag in box.

Here is another aspect: the way wine is consumed. Some people open a bottle only for special occasions, while others drink it daily. There are wines that are enjoyable when young and structured wines that need a longer bottle aging to fully express themselves, requiring time, adequate space and patience. To meet these needs, we wait as long as possible before marketing our wines and offer the option to choose some "Old Vintages" of both white and red. Despite this, we realize that some wines are consumed before they have a chance to fully develop. Sometimes, these wines, when tasted directly from the barrel, surprise us with their aromas and pleasantness. So, is there a way to enjoy good wine more sustainably? We are not referring to important reserves, special occasions or those who sip a glass now and then, but to "everyday" situations that allow for a small step towards greater sustainability.

For several years, we have been offering bag in box of Bianco and Rosso, two light and appreciated wines. Now, given the advantages, we have decided to offer bag in box with medium-structured wines. An example is Garganega, which in the bottle is dry and long-lived and when tasted from the barrel surprises with its aromas and delicacy. Our project, in our small retail shop, is to introduce this option to the local market, to those who want to enjoy a good glass of wine while opting for a more sustainable and economical solution. We Italians are quite attached to traditions, no one will ever take away our habit of uncorking a bottle with a cork stopper, but sometimes, for certain occasions, different solutions can make a difference.

Therefore, we invite you to visit our wine shop in Faedo di Cinto Euganeo for a tasting!