Venda Estate

The Venda estate hosts our highest and most scenic vineyards. A sunny and always breezy, quiet place, overlooking the valleys of Galzignano to the east and Faedo to the south. Here, among the woods and vineyards, we have also set up Venda Amphitheater.

Weather Station

ARPAV - Faedo di Cinto Euganeo
Minimum relative humidity
Precipitation (sum)

Venda Estate is located on the slopes of Mount Venda, the highest of the Euganean Hills, the only true mountain with its 601 metres.
Here, thousands of years of weathering have worn away the volcanic rock, transforming it into sand and crushed stone: the soil is deep and varied between lava debris and strands of clay, while deep down there is a bed of marl. This volcanic soil is by constitution rather poor in organic substance, but rich in water, thanks in part to the numerous springs on Mount Venda.
In these steep vineyards between 350 and 400 m a.s.l., mostly terraced, we grow white grape varieties, in particular Moscato, Pinella and Manzoni.