The Euganean Hills

Morphology, orogenesis, microclimates are the necessary basic knowledge to give birth to grapes and wines with characteristic expressiveness. The Euganean Hills are a true open air school of geology, with very special volcanic phenomena, whose legacy is made of clear siliceous rocks often mixed with limestones of different ages and origins.
The climate also assumes different connotation than the regional average, with a much more Mediterranean character due to low rainfall and greater insolation.

The Paleovenetian and Roman archaeological sites, ancient abbeys and medieval cities, the sumptuous villas of the Venetian times are all witnesses to the special character of our hills.

This natural, artistic and historical richness, as well as oenological and gastronomical, enriches our traditional touristic offer, centered on Europe’s most important thermal basin for relevance and quality of the geothermal phenomena.