Open Cellars on Harvest Time
Ca’ Lustra: a 45 year-long history
Sunday 16 October 2022

1977 – 2022: Ca’ Lustra celebrates 45 years.

The changes a winery goes through over nearly half a century are many, even considering the slow and lengthy pace of the winemaking craft.
Indeed, it takes not less than 3 years for a vine to bear fruit. For that fruit to become grapes suitable for a “reserve” takes another 20 years, all the while enduring contineous climate changes requiring the vine to adapt. Today we live by the ideals of sustainability and organic farming, surrounded by a world in which climate changes with increasing speed. We have always believed in the duty of those who cultivate the land to know how to produce without depleting the available resources. It is the timeless concept of looking forward towards the future while treasuring the experiences accrued in the past. For this reason, experimentation was never missing from our winery over these 45 years. The choice of which varieties to plant where and how to maintain the vineyards has always been driven by a forward-looking attitude. Cellar choices and refinements yearn towards constant improvement of quality and evolution.

On the occasion of Open Cellars on Harvest Time we want to tell you precisely this. On one side we would like to celebrate together, on the other side we would like to share our projects with you. We will propose for tasting a selection of our wines. Beside the Zanovello line you will find some of the Author’s Proofs, little productions and experiments that talk about our work behind the scenes. All together, wines that talk about history, territory and proves.

We will also propose a special bottle that has much to tell: the Natìo 2017. A different Natìo, a preview we will propose only for a month, from October 15th to November 15th. Tasting it you will appreciate its structure and power. We are glad to make you discover the beauty of the place where it was born and its history, despite the difficulties it experienced before being bottled.

We also believe that the lightness of a feast day is the best way to talk about important issues. During all day you can join a guided visit to the wine cellar and talk with us, or you can just enjoy a glass of wine while tasting a seasonal dish.

All day long you will find a tasting table on the forecourt of our winery with a selection of wines. Bottega Ortense of Este will present some food proposals prepared with seasonal products.

Here is the menu:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Sweet and sour pumpkins
  • Pasta and beans
  • Venetian pulled pork with cabbage
  • Cestnuts
  • Plum and hazelnut cake
  • Sbrisolona (almond cake) and cranberry


The event Open Cellars on Harvest Time will take place from 10.30 to 18.00.
Our shop will be open from 9.30 to 18.30.

The entrance ticket is € 10,00. You will receive a pouch with a glass and 3 coupons. Each coupon is valid to taste a wine among the selected ones. More coupons can be purchased.
Food proposals are not included.
Booking is not necessary.

In case of bad weather the program will change and booking will be mandatory.

Open Cellars on Harvest Time is an event promoted by Movimento Turismo del Vino.

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