Cantine Aperte
May 28th, 2017
from 10.30 till 19

Cantine Aperte“, Open Cellars: is back! The most important wine event in Ca’ Lustra is designed by Movimento Turismo del Vino and returns this month for its 25ª edition.

In the past few years, we enriched our event by hosting in our cellar food producers from another region. This year, we chose “Marche“, in expression of our solidarity for the hardships faced by this region following the earthquake last October. We would like to promote Marche‘s territory and we will donate part of the entrance ticket fee to help people most affected by the cataclysm.

We are getting out of the region, but keeping solidarity aims. Thanks to a lifelong friendship with a cheese expert, Enrico Panzarasa, we are in touch with the Community of San Patrignano (RN) which is the most important halfway house in Italy for troubled youth. Over time it gained excellency in many service sectors, especially cheese and wine production and farming.
It will be the expert Enrico Panzarasa to guide here the tasting of their cheese, mostly sheep-cheese from Montefeltro, but also cow and goat ones.


H 10.30 opening with wine tastingsvisit to the vineyards (only till 11.30)
H 11.30 opening of the “Archipelago of tastes“, from Marche’s food to San Patrignano’s cheese
Starting 11.30, every half an hour, there will be guided visits to the cellar with the owners
Not necessary booking.

Ca’ Lustra’s forecourt will turn into “taste square” offering the chance to try all our wines and typical food products, for a “Slow” day.
News of the year: a wine producer from Arcevia (AN), Maria Giuditta Politi, will bring here her two wines, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and Rosso Piceno, authentic wines from Marche.

With the entrance ticket of 9 euros, which includes the wine glass with pouch, you will be offered free tastings of all the wines. 2 euros for each entry ticket will be released to charity.
With the help of CIA (Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori) of Ancona we will select one of the worst affected farmers in that area, in order to offer immediate and direct relief. We will provide notice at the act of donation.

There will be a rich selection of dishes from which choose your favourite ones and buy them on-site.


Azienda Montalbini Marino, Arcevia (AN)
Polenta cooked in a copper cauldron, seasoned with oil and Parmesan or with tomato sauce

Cooperativa Sadifa, Fabriano (AN)
Selection of cold cuts: Salame di Fabriano, Ciauscolo, Soppressato di Fegato, Lonzino del Padrone

Azienda Agricola Roncarati, Senigallia (AN)
Egg pasta “cacio e pepe”
Egg pasta with shellfish
Classic bread and bread with tomato or turmeric will be paired with other products (cold cuts, cheese, oil)

Azienda Agricola San Cesareo, Fano (PU)
Tarts and flaky pastry with home-made marmelade
Panna cotta with cherry marmelade
Tomato sauce paired with polenta
Sauces and marmelades paired with cheese

Azienda Olearia Livieri Lamberto, Ostra (AN)
Oil will be used to dress pasta and polenta

Caseificio di San Patrignano (RN)
Selection of cheese by Enrico Panzarasa

A usual, and only during Cantine Aperte, we offer special discounts on our wines: 10% for purchases of 6 mixed bottles, 15% for purchases of entire boxes of the same wine. In addition other particular offers.


This year we are celebrating the 40 years of Ca’ Lustra and we want to take this opportunity to promote a few really special products. Wines accounting for the company’s character, the genuine nature of our territory and their in-bottle evolution.

“Verticale” of Sassonero
Thus, we present a “verticale” (a succession of different vintages from the same wine) of Merlot Sassonero: 6 vintages, starting from 2007 to 2012, in one box set. We start with the extraordinary season of 2007, excellent for reds and still improving its quality after 10 years passed, finishing with the current vintage. Every bottle conveys the peculiarities of each season, providing different sensations every time we open a new bottle.

We wanted to showcase a small “verticale” of Cabernet Girapoggio, but unfortunately due to the incredible success of this wine it is now sold out.

Rosso Moro Polo
We desire to spend a few kind words on 2014’s Rosso Moro Polo, the sole red wine produced for the Zanovello line in that challenging year. It represents the ensemble of our reserve for that vintage. We reserved the best grapes for this wine, generating full bodied and elegant wine, destined to improve over the next years.

Pinot Nero
Our Sicilian fields provide us with a gamble: a Pinot Nero 2015, cultured at 1000 meters on the top of a dolomitic mountain in the Piana degli Albanesi area, and vinificated by us. Only recently bottled, it is a clearly young red, almost a new-born. Cantine Aperte will be its debut, as it will be presented “en primeur” during this event. It will be then stored away and aged for another year before releasing it on the market. It can be considered as a small investment for those who like gamble by adding to their cellar a presently unremarkable wine, waiting to witness its evolution.

Frappato – Petit Verdot
The Sicilian blend Petit-Verdot and Frappato witnesses a new look, even for its label. Those who knew it as fruity, nice and medium bodied wine, will be surprised by the influence of the hot 2015 season on its structure. It now presents itself now as a warm and structurated wine, finding its place among more complex wines with intriguing pairings.

For all these reasons, we warmly invite you to taste all our new products as well as the vintage changes of the recent weeks.

As usual, we provide exclusive offers for the “Cantine Aperte” day on all wines: 10% off for every purchase of 6 assorted bottles or more, 15% off for purchases of single-label whole boxes. During the event, we will provide even more advantageous offers.


Cantine Aperte will be also a good opportunity to discover the rich calendar of summer concerts at “Anfiteatro del Venda” which will host musical events every Sunday until September. For May 28th the stage will be set for “Colombre” and “Giulia’s Mother” playing from 15.00 to 20.00. The concert is organized by Everywheregigs in cooperation with Laboratorio Culturale I’M and Associazione Culturale Khorakhanè. Further information on: or on the Facebook page @anfiteatrodelvenda.


“Sur lie” of Colli Euganei: wines rifermentated in the bottle

On Saturday May 27th at 17.00 we will organize an unusual tasting: different grapes, vintages, soils and producers for a trasversal discovery of “sur lie” wines of Colli Euganei. A good selection will be represented by 10 different wines, 4 of our production and 6 by other wineries.

25 seats
10 euros per person
Booking required.

We are waiting for you!
For further – +39 0429 94128