Panoramic Jazz Tastings
July 20, from 7.30pm to 11.30pm
Catajo Castle, Battaglia Terme (PD)

On friday July 20 the series of panoramic tastings at Castello del Catajo begin: jazz music mixed with a wide range of food & wine proposals by the grand terrace of a sixteenth-century manor.
Local wines are the stars of the night coming from three euganean hills vineyards: “Ca’ Lustra”, “La Roccola” and “La Mincana”.
The tasting experience will be accomplished with the artisanal bread by “La Pignara”, the extra virgin oil by “Frantoio Evo del Borgo” and a buffet made by “Cose Belle Maistrello”, consisting in two first courses and fruit.
A peculiar jazz concert is melding all together: young artist Natalì Rossato will be on the stage with the “Natalì’s 4et”.
During the whole night guided tours of the manor will be ongoing upon reservation.

Entry fees: 26€ per per person + 5€ deposit for the chalice. The price is comprehensive of guided tour, 3 wine tastings, 1 local food tasting, free buffet for the whole night.

The event shall be considered as a standing strengthen aperitif, not a sitting dinner, although a few courtesy seats will be available.
Food and wine will be served till 22:30, the manor is closing at 23:00.

Reservation required
Info and reservations: Catajo