Nocturnal panoramas: an all night long event at Anfiteatro del Venda
During the night of 14th to 15th August, from 9:30 pm to 6:00 am

The traditional midsummer’s eve night is coming back this year with the wonderful background of Venda’s Amphitheater. A consolidated event mixing theater, storytelling, music, literature, ballet, poetry, literary walkways, creative labs.

Topic theme of this artistic marathon is thinking about Landscape: the Euganean Hills, rich in stimulus and history, but other lands and visions too, experienced and told by the artists themselves.

In this edition we want aim high and compare different realities: on the stage is going to take place a succession of many young talented actors and dancer from all parts of Italy.

Artistic coordination by Vasco Mirandola and Stefano Pettenella, both actors.

From 7:30 pm to delight your mouth will be served Ca’ Lustra – Zanovello wines and delicious dishes prepared by Osteria Volante.

14th August from 9:30 pm
Theater, ballet, literature and music kermesse hosted by Mirko Artuso

Actors and storytelling
Angelica Bifano from Sapri, Campania – “Acqua salata”.
Federica di Cesare, Milano, Lombardia – “Relazioni di appartenenza”.
Caterina Bernardi, Carlino, Friuli Venezia Giulia – “Marine”.
Clara Mori, Milano, Lombardia – “Milunisi”.
Davide Pachera, Rivoli Veronese, Veneto – “Il mio nome è Lee Kyung Hae”.
Massimiliano di Corato, Bari, Puglia – “Barcarola Albarese”.
Jacopo Bottani, Milano, Lombardia – “Sfaù”.
Miriam Russo, Veneto.
Filippo Borghi, Emilia-Romagna.

Anna Savanelli, Rivignano, Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Andrea Rizzo, Lecce, Puglia.

Giorgio Gobbo (Bottega Baltazar).
MDM and Alberto Campagnaro.

Special guests
Mirko Artuso hosting the event
Andrea Pennacchi
Stefano Pettenella, Bastia di Rovolon, Veneto – “Courage”
Dalla Via Brothers – “La seggiovia”
Corradi-Tombesi duo – “Songwriter songs an traditional venetian music”

“Euganean Hills Regional Park: from protection to enhancement”
A little talk with Cristiana Bergamin, Franco Zanovello, Francesco Loreggian, Giovanna Pettenella, Francesco Miazzi, hosted by Giada Zandonà, journalist. The discussion will be enriched by theater interludes by Stefano Pettenella, music plays by Corradi-Tombesi duo and a video projection by Euganea Film Festival.

Voices on the way: night walking towards Olivetani monastery’s ruins “in the company of” Foscolo, Zanella, Shelley, Scabia, Fogazzaro, Petrarca, D’Annunzio, Comisso, Valeri, Buzzati, Zanzotto, Pettenella, Viola, Meneghello.
Dance and music performances will be execute by participating artists of the laboratory which is taking place the days before the event, hosted by Vasco Mirandola and Giorgio Gobbo.
4:00 start from the amphitheater
5:30 arrival at Olivetani’s Monastery
6:00 sun salutation
For the walking reservation is very welcomed, limited availability.
Flashlight and sensible shoes suggested.

We strongly recommend a sheet to lie down, sensible shoes and a jacket or hoodie to protect from night breeze.

Ticket for the entire event: 12 euros

How to reach the Amphitheater

Infos and – 042994128