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Nero Musqué 2021: Ca' Lustra and Valdibella together


Friday, April 12, 2024

Experiences with Nero Musqué and more

A day at Ca' Lustra with Valdibella colleagues amidst stories, tastings and shared intentions.

History and Production of Nero Musqué

Those familiar with Nero Musqué have likely heard of its tumultuous history: its uncertain origin, its long journey across various lands, until it arrived in Sicily, in Contrada Costa di Bisaccia, where it seems to have found the ideal climate. A grape as demanding as it is surprising, the Moscato Nero, which invites us to continue our study.

Over the years, we have relied on local wineries for our vinifications, bringing the finished wine to the Colli Euganei for final checks and aging in oak barrels. In 2019 we initiated a collaboration with Cooperativa Agricola Valdibella, a Sicilian company with whom we share intentions and production methods. In 2021, an important project was born: a shared label. The wine is subject to increasingly careful attention, the graphic design is renewed to showcase itself in both cellars, and the back label reveals the project.

Get to Know the Producers of Nero Musqué 2021: Ca' Lustra and Valdibella Together.

During the recent Christmas holidays, those who visited our cellar had the opportunity to taste the Nero Musqué 2021 in advance. Now, we have a special day planned that will not just involve tasting wine. On Friday, April 12, we will have Valdibella colleagues as guests in our cellar. We would like to introduce you to those who work with so much passion on our grapes, show you photos of the vineyards and let you touch the soil on which our Moscato Nero lives.

From 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. we await you in the shop in our cellar to taste the Nero Musqué 2021 and, for the occasion, a selection of Valdibella wines. But it doesn't end there: our island colleagues will be happy to let you taste other delicacies. Patés, pestos, sauces, aromatic herbs, pasta, flours, juices, spreads... their production is truly vast. Even if not everything will be available on-site (we highly recommend visiting their website, you will find a real feast for the palate), you will still have the opportunity to taste and discover their reality, told personally.

Our tasting room will be dedicated to industry operators: in a quiet space, you can engage with us and Valdibella members, as well as taste their products. If you are interested in participating, please write to us at info@calustra.it or call us at 0429 94128.

Useful infos

  • Friday, April 12, from 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Ca' Lustra.
  • Reservation is not required, but we appreciate if you notify us.
  • Tasting of products is free.
  • The sale of Valdibella products is not planned; those interested can directly contact the company for details on purchases and shipments.
  • Nero Musqué 2021 will be available in our cellar on April 12.

Dinner with wine tasting

Trattoria La Tavolozza, Torreglia (PD)

But wait, there's more! To crown the day, a themed dinner hosted by Trattoria La Tavolozza awaits. The kitchen will propose culinary delights prepared with Valdibella products. Each course will feature a pairing with two wines for comparison: one Ca' Lustra Zanovello and one Valdibella. To conclude, of course, Nero Musqué cannot be missed.

The menu

Welcome Valdibella
Welcome aperitif with Valdibella pesto and pâté
Wines: Bottle-refermented Pinella and Isolano Catarratto Extra Lucido

Brisee pastry tart with asparagus and Morlacco fondue
Wines: 'A Cengia Moscato Secco and Isolano Catarratto Extra Lucido

First Course
Busiate with goose ragout and peas
Wines: Zanovello Rosé and Dhyana Perricone

Second Course
Wild boar with Sicilian scents
Wines: Sassonero Merlot and Acamante Perricone

Almond Bavarian cream with chocolate sauce
Wines: Nero Musqué

Finally, a rarity awaits you: Memorii, a perpetual wine.

€ 45,00 per person

Info and reservations: Trattoria La Tavolozza, Via Boschette 2, Torreglia (PD) - Tel. 049 5211063 - 347 5944500 - latavolozzatrattoria@libero.it