Cena con degustazione a La Tavolozza


Friday 12 April 2024 at 8 PM

Euganean Hills and Sicily: fusion of flavours, wines compared

On the occasion of the presentation of Nero Musqué 2021, we propose an exceptional dinner where Euganean and Sicilian flavors blend together.

A themed dinner hosted by Trattoria La Tavolozza awaits. The kitchen will propose culinary delights prepared with Valdibella products. Each course will feature a pairing with two wines for comparison: one Ca' Lustra Zanovello and one Valdibella. To conclude, of course, Nero Musqué cannot be missed.

The menu

Welcome Valdibella
Welcome aperitif with Valdibella pesto and pâté
Wines: Bottle-refermented Pinella and Isolano Catarratto Extra Lucido

Brisee pastry tart with asparagus and Morlacco fondue
Wines: 'A Cengia Moscato Secco and Isolano Catarratto Extra Lucido

First Course
Busiate with goose ragout and peas
Wines: Zanovello Rosé and Dhyana Perricone

Second Course
Wild boar with Sicilian scents
Wines: Sassonero Merlot and Acamante Perricone

Almond Bavarian cream with chocolate sauce
Wines: Nero Musqué

Finally, a rarity awaits you: Memorii, a perpetual wine.

€ 45,00 per person

Info and reservations: Trattoria La Tavolozza, Via Boschette 2, Torreglia (PD) - Tel. 049 5211063 - 347 5944500 - latavolozzatrattoria@libero.it