Open Cellars


May 25 - 26, 2024 from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

We are now at the 31st edition of Open Cellars, an event promoted by the Wine Tourism Movement.

For us, Open Cellars is a day of celebration and an opportunity to share our work by welcoming you to our winery. We always strive to enrich the experience with a particular theme and this time we have chosen a topic that is close to our hearts: sustainability. It is a term that is often "used and abused", but it is a cornerstone of our work, tangible when applied in everyday life. We are always happy to discuss our choices in this regard, on this occasion we want to focus on one aspect: packaging.

Wines from the barrel

Have you ever had the chance to taste wines directly from the barrel? Sometimes they can be challenging to understand, while others may still need time to settle. But when a wine is truly good, you might say, "wow, this would be perfect to drink tonight" We want to offer you that experience. For those interested in delving deeper into the topic, you can read the article "Bag in Box: a sustainable choice?" Below, we try to express the concept briefly.

If a full-bodied wine requires years of aging to become harmonious, a medium-bodied wine is capable of improvement, but can stand out in its youth for its fresher and fruitier notes. It is difficult to generalize about wine consumption; habits vary widely. However, considering our reality, we can allow ourselves some reflection.

We have many customers who visit us at the winery. Some only consume wine on special occasions, while others drink it almost daily or frequently gather with friends for dinners and celebrations. We are not talking about the former case, but is there a way to consume good wine more sustainably? Considering that bottling stresses the wine, which then requires several months to settle, and considering the amount of materials used for bottling and packaging, energy consumption for material production and bottling, transportation of materials, etc., 6 bottles of wine will have a greater environmental impact than 5 liters of the same wine contained in a bag in box. These food containers are not the solution to all problems or needs, but they are a small concrete step to bring a bit more sustainability to our tables, especially when a wine is consumed shortly after purchase.

For several years now, we have been preparing bag in box wines, both White and Red, two lean but good wines that appeal to many. Based on all the considerations expressed above, we thought of preparing bag in box wines of more important wines. Not the reserves, of course, but some medium-bodied wines are really excellent. An example is the Garganega: in the bottle, it is dry and long-lasting; tasted from the barrel, it surprised us with its aromas and delicacy. Our project, quite ambitious and against the tide, is to make this possibility known to the local market, to those who might want to enjoy a good glass opting for a more sustainable and also economical solution.

Wines for tasting

In this edition of Open Cellars, we will be delighted to make you taste some of our wines taken directly from the barrel. To ensure practicality and speed in service, we will prepare some bag in box from which to draw. The wines will include two white wines, one fresher and lighter and one more structured, and a red wine. Additionally, we want to offer you a selection of bottles that reflect our company: from the past to the future, between research and experimentation. Zanovello Selections, Author's Proofs, Old Vintages, magnum wines, and sweet wines: there's something for everyone!

Wines for tasting

  • Wines from the Barrel (White, Garganega, Cabernet Franc)
  • PED0118 Sparkling White - Author's Proofs
  • DM0121 White - Author's Proofs
  • Manzoni Bianco - Zanovello Selections
  • Dry Moscato 'A Cengia - Zanovello Selections
  • Olivetani White 2017 - Old Vintages
  • PIN0223 White - Author's Proofs
  • TOC0122 White - Author's Proofs
  • Sassonero Merlot - Magnum, Old Vintages *
  • Girapoggio Cabernet - Magnum, Old Vintages *
  • Nero Musqué - Sweet Wines
  • Fior d'Arancio Passito - Sweet Wines

* We will have the pleasure of uncorking several bottles, both in the standard 0.75 L format and in the magnum format. It is important to note that the selection may vary over the two days.

Ca' Oche wines

But that is not all! Ca' Oche is a very young wine company run by Alberto Ghiotto, our young cellarman. Graduated in oenology, attentive and passionate, he is dedicating some of his time to wine production in the Colli Berici, his homeland. He recently presented his first wines and we are happy to make you taste them at Open Cellars. Alongside our wines, you will also find his bottles.

Food proposals

To tantalize your taste buds, a space will be dedicated to the culinary delights of Macelleria Garbin in Monselice. Not only meat and cold cuts proposals, but also vegetarian and vegan options to satisfy every preference and taste.

The menu

  • Creamed codfish
  • Cold cuts (smoked roast beef, rolled pancetta with filetto)
  • Baby ribs
  • Couscous with vegetables and saffron
  • Chicken salad
  • Vegetarian meatballs
  • Dry biscuits
  • Apple pie

Useful information to partecipate

Days and hours: Saturday 25 May and Sunday 26 May from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Entrance fee: € 12,00 including a bag, glass, 2 wine coupons, 1 food coupon. The wine coupons entitle you to two glasses of wine of your choice among the three wines from the barrel. The food coupon entitles you to a food proposal curated by Macelleria Garbin.

Recharges: it is possible to enhance your tasting experience by purchasing recharges. 1 recharge € 3,00; 4 recharges € 10,00. With each recharge, you can get a glass of wine of your choice among all those available for tasting (wines from the barrel, Ca' Lustra Zanovello wines, Ca' Oche wines).

Food proposals: additional culinary proposals can be purchased directly at the Macelleria Garbin stand.

Winery tours: guided winery tours will be held on both days. No reservation is required: as soon as a group forms, we will start the tour guided by the producer or the cellarman.

Parking: parking will be managed on-site with the help of dedicated staff.

Shop: our shop will be open throughout the event for your purchases. Only during Open Cellars days, we expect a 10% discount on the purchase of at least 6 bottles of wine, even mixed. It will also be possible to purchase Ca' Oche wines and wines from the barrel in bag in box format. During these two days, we will not be able to manage tastings at the counter inside the shop, so only the wines featured at the event will be available for tasting.

Booking is not required.

ATTENTION: ROAD CONDITIONS - Due to the recent rains, a section of Via Roccolo (Torreglia - Faedo road) has become impassable and has been closed to traffic. We can be reached from Galzignano Terme, Arquà Petrarca, and Cinto Euganeo.

In case of bad weather, the program may change.