Think outside the (wine) box


February 16th, 2024

Dinner with the producer

Trattoria Al Sasso, Teolo (PD)

Think outside the (wine) box: think beyond the conventional.

In recent years, in the Euganean Hills area, many wine producers have set their focus on ethics and sustainability in their work. The recovery of forgotten grapes, research and experimentation have given rise to new products that surprise and distinguish themselves from the classic offerings of the region.

Hence, the idea of Trattoria Al Sasso in Teolo to promote the enogastronomic growth of the area through tasting events. "Think outside the (wine) box" is this: 4 evenings with 4 courses and 2 producers each, present to share their wines and their stories.

We look forward to welcoming you to Al Sasso on Friday, February 16th, along with Marco Sambin. It will be an opportunity to discuss our new projects and the experiments we are carrying out.

The dinner consists of four courses paired with wines from the two wineries. The cost per person is €60.00 and reservations are required. Tel: 049 9925073.