Ca’ Lustra Zanovello wines: authenticity, respect and tradition

Ca’ Lustra is on the southern slopes of Monte Venda, the highest hill in the Euganean area, where Faedo valley begins and opens up: one of the most uncontaminated spots of the protected area of ​​the Euganean Hills Regional Park.
We act with carefulness and respect towards nature and those who preceded us; hence the maintenance and restoration of ancient terraces, a non-invasive viticulture, an approach integrated with the landscape and matched with the organic choice.
Our great wealth is immediately shown to visitors: the variety of soils and microclimates, even in such a small area, allows us to obtain very different kind of wines, with high expression capabilities.

Tastiness, simplicity and recognizability.
Genuine identity of our land in a glass. The label represents the Faedo valley, the cradle of our winery.

Study, experience, search for confrontation and progress.
Each variety is grown in the most suitable place with the most proper methods. Then, in the cellar, our work is carefull and avoiding “shortcuts” to produce wines that simply have to be healthy, authentic and inviting.
In Zanovello labels the modern mark is placed inside the old one, represented by the first Venetic alphabet, to follow the path traced 3,000 years ago by the first Venetian and Euganean civilizations.

A project constantly evolving, born as an experimentation on different varieties of Muscat, in cooperation with the Regional Institute of Vines and Wine of Sicily.
Since 2005 we cultivate a few hectares of vineyard near Palermo, on the hills between Partinico and Alcamo. The see is very close and summer wind blows among the vineyards. Minerality, fruitness and warmth characterize our wines.