Natìo – DOC Colli Euganei Rosso

Natìo – DOC Colli Euganei Rosso

The unrepeatable child of every vintage, the DOC Colli Euganei Rosso Natìo is a Bordeaux blend designed to last. Our Natìo is born only in a few vintages, when Cabernet and Merlot combine perfectly to give life to a wine of great structure. The pleasantness of the taste from a young age, the extreme adherence to the varietal character of the grapes and the territory of the Euganean Hills, and the depth and exuberance of the sensations it gives, are surprising.

Grape varieties
Cabernet, Merlot


14,5% vol

Pairings with our Natìo
The DOC Colli Euganei Rosso Natìo is a red wine of great structure and elegance. Thanks to its fine tannins and its spicy, enveloping taste, it pairs perfectly with mature cheeses, braised meats and game.
Also excellent as a meditation wine. We recommend serving at 18°C.

The Story of our Natìo
The choice of the name Natìo is a tribute to the wine that is only born in certain vintages characterised by particular climatic conditions. After careful selection of the grapes, prolonged maceration and slow ageing, we obtain a wine of perfect balance. A long-lived wine, out of the ordinary, that tells of our need for research and experimentation, reflecting the strong character of the Euganean Hills.

2021 Gambero Rosso: Natìo 2015 – 2 glasses
2021  Doctor Wine – The essential Guide of Italian Wines: Natìo 2013
2019 Concorso Città del Vino: Natìo 2013 – Golden Medal
2019 Premio Speciale BioDiVino: Natìo 2013 – Golden Medal
2019 Gambero Rosso: Natìo 2013 – 2 glasses
2017 Civiltà del Bere: Natìo 2013 – 95 points
2016 Vitae, AIS: Natìo 2009 – 3 vines
2016 Gambero Rosso: Natìo 2009 – 2 red glasses
2015 Emozioni dal Mondo: Natìo 2009 – Golden Medal
2015 Go Wine: Natìo – Top Wine
2014 I Vini di Veronelli: Natìo 2009 – 2 stars, 87 points
2013 I Vini di Veronelli: Natìo 2007 – 2 stars
2013 Go Wine: Natìo – Top Wine
2011 Emozioni dal Mondo: Natìo 2007 – Golden Medal

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