Garganega IGT Veneto

Garganega IGT Veneto

IGT Veneto Garganega is a white wine that is the result of long experimentation. After about ten years, having reached the desired balance, our Garganega entered the Zanovello selections.
It is an unusual white wine, characterised by a golden colour and complex aromas, with a full and persistent sip.
The IGT Veneto Garganega has its home on a grey marl seam, which we call ‘tère bianche’ (white terroir) here, that cuts the valley in half. It is a difficult soil to cultivate, hard and stingy in dry years and all too exuberant in wet ones. The vigour of the Garganega is well suited to this place, where the vines are arranged on wide terraces facing east, surrounded by orchards. The resulting white wine is intense and slightly tannic, golden in colour, with captivating aromas reminiscent of yellow flowers, citrus fruits, exotic and dried fruit. On the palate, the taste is dry, with an excellent acid-flavoured balance, warm and enveloping.

Grape varieties
Garganega 100%


12% vol

Pairings with our Garganega
Our Garganega is a full-bodied white wine that impresses with its complexity on the palate well complemented by freshness. The warm, fruity hints combined with the slightly tannic sip make it a perfect wine to accompany ethnic cuisine. It is not afraid to accompany fish au gratin and spicy first courses. We recommend serving at 12-14°C.

History of Garganega
Garganega is a grape variety prevalent mainly in the Veneto region, where it has found ideal soils that allow it to express itself at its best. High productivity and good resistance to pathogens have led to its widespread diffusion in both dry and raisin versions. The bunches, large and deep golden in colour, are harvested towards the end of September and their thick skins lend themselves well to maceration and withering. The macerations in particular give the wine intense, golden colours, with broad olfactory nuances ranging from fresh and dried fruit to sweet yellow flowers, with hints of citrus and balsamic herbs.

2021 Touring Editore Guida “Vinibuoni d’Italia”: Garganega Il Boschetto 2017 – 3 stelle
2021 Gambero Rosso: Garganega Il Boschetto 2017 – 2 bicchieri
2021 Vitae, AIS: Garganega Il Boschetto 2017 – 3 viti

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