Our values

Our values

Manifesto of our values


Cultura. Culture. We are aware that wine is men’s and land wisdom. It involves social, cultural and living skills, it requires a trasversal knowledge from food to art. That’s why we often organise events that associate wine and arts, also using a natural theatre we created amid the vineyards.

Attitudine. Attitude. Every vineyard has its own “terroir”, its history, its times and weather. Therefore we pay respect to natural attitudes of each plot, and try to keep integer in the cellar what the ground produces. We prefer to enhance every single harvest in its best possible way, fermenting separetely all the different grapes from different soils.

Lungimiranza. Foresight. We are dipped in a challenging and exciting path based on the study of viticulture and wine history, but also of the ancient venetic culture. We always pursue the aim of making things better, and lend to innovative practices only when we foresee good lasting results.

Uva. Grapes. Obvious maybe? Not that much. Grapes are the very true raw material to make good wine and they are constantly under our attention. We believe in respecting the nature and in careful and delicate working; we know that we could never fix in the cellar what was missing in the vineyards.

Sostenibilità. Sustainability. Abused word, but still meaningful to us. It is an important value both in big and small things: we did set up a solar system to be self-sufficient with elecricity, we pay attention to everyday wastes, we run all the farm with biological practices.

Territorio. Land. A complex environment made up of hills, termal areas and other evidences of the past volcanic activity. A territory that we respect and from which we get strenght, focusing not only on the vineyards, but also keeping and taking care of the spontaneous flora, meadows and groves, actively supporting the Regional Park of Euganean Hills.

Rispetto. Respect. This is the basic value. We need to learn respect for Nature, which is hosting us and will hopefully host many others to come; respect for the everyday work and the devotion to it; and respect for those who will drink our wines, who simply have to be pleased and feel good. Paying attention to every detail, all the time, means respecting the customers.

Accoglienza. Hospitality. You are welcome to enjoy with us the fruit of our work. We organize and take part in art events, wine and food pairing evenings, and other social moments involving a glass of wine. At the winery, overlooking the Faedo valley, you’ll find our cozy shop dedicated to tastings and conversations. We keep it open for you.