“Wine in black” tasting

“Wine in Black” is the novelty to be experienced in Ca’ Lustra.
7 wines in three rounds served in our new black glasses.

Close your eyes. Bring the glass close to your nose. Taste a sip of wine.
Are you maybe drinking a white wine? Or a red one? Are you sure?
How can you try to recognize a wine blindly?
Acidity, minerality, tannins, temperature… There are so many variables to consider when we cannot see while tasting a wine.

They are not technicalities, but sensations to discover during the tasting: athough not being experts you will be able to compare the different wines in this adventurous game.
A new experience to do by yourself, in couple or with a group of friends to approach wine in a fun and curious way.

We are waiting to share “Wine in Black” with you!

The “Wine in Black” tasting is organized on reservationinfo@calustra.it – +39 0429 94128
Price: € 15 for person