On Sunday June 18th another happening at Anfiteatro del Venda: a yoga class, but not an ordinary class.
Vayus” will be the main topic of the lesson, led by the yoga master Marco Cavallari. Participants will be guided into the knowledge of their vital breath which lets the energy of Prāna spread into us, balancing and supporting our five bodies. An example of this is the sharp system of Nadis, by which Vayus influence us. According to Ayurveda, unbalanced Vayus lead to discomfort. Master Cavallari will show you how these energies can be managed, balanced and strengthened with Yoga.

Anfiteatro del Venda is located on the hill of the same name, in Galzignano Terme (Padua). A place crafted by nature, enjoyed by man in an easy and spontaneous way.
Welcomed by a quiet surrounding, with this new happening you will be able to feel the most intimate synergy of body and mind, enjoying a breath-taking panorama.

8:45 welcome at Venda Amphitheater located in via Sottovenda, Galzignano Terme (Padua).
9:00 intoduction to the key topic of the day: the Vayus knowledge.
To follow, yoga practice focused on the main topic.
11:00 short walk to Ca’ Lustra and refreshing ending aperitif.

Price: 25,00 € per person.
Admission tickets are limited. Compulsory reservation at Agenzia Lovivo Tour Experience.
In case of heavy weather the happening will be postponed.

What to bring:
Comfortable clothes
A yoga mat or little blanket

Yoga Master: Marco Cavallari
Biography: Marco Cavallari, from Ferrara, met the martial arts world when he still was a teenager. Growing up, he decided to join the “Centro Accademico Bushidò” by Ferrara’s dojo. There he collected a practical and philosophical knowledge about Zen applied to traditional japanese martial arts, which led him to study those disciplines for decades. He practiced as yoga instructor at the Bhaktivedanta center in Ponsacco (Pisa) led by Master Ferrini. Based on this extensive knowledge, Master Cavallari wants to put all these disciplines together harmoniously.

Infos and reservations:
Agenzia Lovivo Tour Experience, Viale delle Terme 107/B, Abano Terme (PD)
Tel: +39 049 29 69 340  Mobile: +39 333 994 52 88
info@lovivo.it – www.lovivo.it