Daniele Cernilli, “Doctor Wine” in art, is one of the most influent people in the oenological world.
He created a different wine guide with the aim of leading enthusiasts, and not only expert people, through the wide wine market. He proposes an essential but complete wine selection, he does not ask wineries for samples but selects the most significant wines at public tastings, prewiews, competiotions, fairs.

The following wine has been selected by the guide:

Fior d’Arancio Passito 2015 – 92 points

“Da uve moscato fior d’arancio appassite in fruttaio per quattro mesi. Due anni in caratelli. Giallo dorato. Profumo intenso, aromatico e floreale, con note di fiori di acacia e di zagara, poi buccia di arancia candita e lieve zenzero. Sapore dolce, avvolgente, caldo e molto persistente. Molto buono.”