Presentation of the project 
“Author’s Proofs”

For many years now, we have been considering producing fewer wines and focusing our attention on a few selected labels. This would make the farm management, harvesting and vinification both cheaper and easier.

We were never able to do so and, on the contrary, we are often tempted by the exact opposite. The desire to share the results of the experiments we perform both in the fields and in the wine cellar is often overwhelming and we are always eager to make them available for tasting. We truly do not miss an opportunity to talk about every aspect of our work.

During this past unusually introspective year, we decided to indulge this nature of ours and to expose the heart of the winery on our shelves with the project “Author’s Proofs”.

The history of viticulture in the Euganean Hills comprises countless adaptations, arrivals and departures of crops and cultures, grape varieties, fashions and markets, in a journey that spans three thousand years or more. The legacy of such history provides us with many ingredients for our enological recipes and a varied and generous land on which (almost) everything ripens well.

So here we are, trying to get the best from every plot, every grape variety, every production method. Living a life of continuous research, incessantly studying, always enthusiastically experimenting, looking forward for every occasion to taste and discuss the results. “Author’s Proofs” is our way to share with you these efforts and experiments, to tell you about the intuitions and perspectives, to create opportunities for knowledge and free discussion.

Each bottle of “Author’s Proofs” represents a step of our journey across these land and into the Euganean wines, with equal parts of respect and innovation. These are all small and unique productions, between 100 and 1000 bottles obtained from a single cask, available at the winery while stocks last. Each bottle is special and we will gladly create opportunities to meet you and talk about its story.

We also wanted to experiment with the packaging: we asked Francesca Forte to create a unique graphic design for each bottle, freely inspired by the contained wine and the history of the vineyard, employing a different technique each time.
The name “Author’s Proofs” was suggested and licenced by our friend Giuseppe Paolo Trisciuzzi, whom we thank for his precious and constant support.

We look forward to taste the “Author’s Proofs” together with you!

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th June 2021:
Presentation of the project “Author’s Proofs” and tasting of the first 4 labels

The first appointment with “Author’s Proofs” will be on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th June 2021. We will offer a tasting of the first 4 labels currently available. We will tell you about the project and make ourselves available to answer every curiosity.

Useful information
Reservation is required for the presentation and tasting of “Author’s Proof”.
It is possible to book at a preferred time, according to the availability of the winery.
The tasting includes 4 wines and it is paired with bread and our extra-virgin olive oil, produced by the olive trees that surround our vineyards.
Cost € 10 per person.

To book: +39 0429 94128

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Monday to Friday 8.30 – 12.30 and 14.30 – 18.30
Saturday 8.30 – 20.00
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