Saturday 5th August from 7 pm to 11:30 pm
Anfiteatro del Venda

When wine strikes my heart”: a show which gives life to a dreamy, ironic and deep tale about wine, social relations and continuous figuring yourself and love out. A new original way for storytelling, trough music and thousands voices of ancient poets and modern performers.

Giorgia and Daniele, from Romagna region, created “Vino al vino”, a little traveling wine bar staged on a ’74 Lander 401 caravan. They loves good wine, traditions and the discovery of attractive less known places all over Italy. This way was born the idea to share their passion through a show, and so began the collaboration with Akamorà, a cultural association based in Cremona which promotes theatrical experimental laboratories. Indeed Akamorà was born “from now”, like the name suggests itself, to unify different languages: music, spoken theater, ballet, technology, fine arts. Here we go with a mix of passions, art, music, in the perfect balance of an innovative show.

Venda’s Amphitheater is the ideal set for such a concept. On 5th August the stage is hosting Valentina Tropiano (actress and director) and Nicola Caruso (actor and musician) of Akamorà with Giorgia De Bastiani (actress and creative) of Vino al Vino, using the vintage caravan as background on the scene, too.

Before and after the show you can taste Ca’ Lustra-Zanovello wines, directly served by Vino al Vino’s caravan. In combination there will be specialty delights served by Osteria Volante.
Wine and food are ready by 7 pm, show starts at 9 pm when the caravan transforms in the background for the emotions of “people affected by amorous wine”. An ending surprise closes the show.

Show and live music ticket: 12€
We strongly recommend a sheet to lie down and fully enjoy the show, a jacket or hoodie to protect from night breeze and comfortable shoes. Venda’s Amphitheater is naturally crafted and immersed in the green.

How to get there: Anfiteatro

More infos: – 042994128 – 3280126247