Grillo DOP Sicilia

Grillo DOP Sicilia

Persuasive, floral, mineral, Grillo is widespread in North-West of Sicily. Once it was stored in “soleras” to produce Marsala, now it tells the story of this land with warmth and sapidity. It’s a great white wine to pair with fish.

Grape varieties
Grillo 100%


12,5% vol

In the “contrada” Costa di Bisaccia, on a hill of dolomitic origin with a good amount of sand from the weathering of calcareous tufa. Grillo found perfect habitat facing North-East at about 380 mt high, in 1,68 hectares, Guyot training (6.000 plants/ha).

Traditional fermentation in stainless steel. Bottling in June after simple cold stabilization.

Service and pairing
Serve at 10-12°C.
Characterized by floral scents and high sapidity. Fine, persistent, it’s the perfect wine for fish or cheese dishes.

2019 BioWeinPreis: Grillo 2018 – Medaglia d’Oro, 92 punti
2017 BioWeinPreis: Grillo 2016 – Medaglia d’Argento, 89 punti

Sulphites analyses

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