Reitia – IGT Moscato Naturale

The goal was to offer a dessert wine that is consistent yet easy to approach, sweet but not too much, aromatic but not monotonous.

The rich fragrance of Fior d’Arancio, concentrated through a two-months drying on racks, and the richer and complex structure of the Moscato Bianco harvested after four weeks of extra ripening on the vineyard are the most natural way our land gives us to accomplish this idea.

Grape varieties
Moscato Bianco and Fior d’Arancio


11,5% vol.

In Faedo on euganean marl, in Val Cengolina on trachytic sand.

Fior d’Arancio is dryed for two months on racks, Moscato Bianco is late harvested. After 2-3 days of maceration with the skins, it keeps fermenting in stainless steel tanks; when optimal balance between alcohol and residual sugar is reached, the wine is cooled and filtered, then bottled on early spring.

Service and pairing
Serve at 12-14°C. The nose is intense with spices, honey, floral notes and balsamic accents; the taste is fresh, full and rich. Definitely to taste with an apple pie.

2021 Gambero Rosso: Moscato Reitia – 2 glasses
2018 Gambero Rosso: Moscato Reitia – 2 glasses
2013 I Vini di Veronelli: Moscato Reitia 2008 – 3 stars

Sulphites analyses

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